Is it a requirement to follow a sect in Islam?

Is it a requirement to follow a Madhhab - sect- in Islam religion? Can a person perform Quran’s provisions and Sunnah using his own mind?

Madhhab – sect, means opinion. Islamic scholars put forward their views about the issues which are not mentioned in Quran or hadiths, by their own methods. Therefore, disputes have occurred between sects. Everyone can’t have knowledge on every subject and therefore should follow the scholars who have knowledge about these subjects. Try to consider sects as teachers. Just as you ask questions to us about an issue you don’t know, you can perform opinions of sects on the subjects which you don’t know. Sects are not strictly religion. Saying: “I am not follower of any sect” doesn’t make you out of the religion.

What is actually wrong, is slavish imitation of a sect and accepting every decision of sects without realizing that they can be both right and wrong.  We should be aware that sects can also have wrongs, and that we must follow the verses of Qur’an and hadiths when sects have any opinion opposing either of them.  To know whether an opinion is right,  we must check its consistency with Qur’an and the Example.

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Date: Nov 22, 2015