We are grateful to Allah for everything, He sent  the Qur’an to us with nothing to cause doubt in It, and He has undertaken to protect It Himself. We bless the Messenger of Allah; he explained and practiced it perfectly.  To us remains the understanding and complying with Qur’an only.  That Messenger enlightened his companions in such a way that each one of them would be an example for us. May Allah bless them all!

As centuries passed by, everyone introduced a personal method to comprehend the religion. Some of the Muslims put emphasis on narrations about the practice of the Messenger and his companions. Some others accepted the comments and interpretations of the scholars as religion, studying the Qur’an and Messenger’s life superficially.

Some others considered Allah as a governor responsible somewhere in Hejaz and His Messenger Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) as a bureaucrat that fulfills His orders. According to their opinion, Qur’an was Allah’s regional and periodical interference and the Messenger’s practices were but mere traditions and customs of that region and period. Thus, Islam has become one of the ancient cultures for them.

There are some others that renamed the heroes in mythical tales with Muslim names to create an aura of superstitions around Islam. They mixed polytheism with Islam and imitated the religion with what they believe.

Furthermore, people that wanted to use Qur’an for their worldly benefits were never missing.

To us, priority belongs to Qur’an. We try to solve problems as if we have nothing else, but the verses. Our first resource to understand Qur’an is human nature. Because Allah commands:

“So set your face steadily and truly to that religion, the fitra[1] of Allah, in which He has created the mankind. There is nothing to replace the creation of Allah. That is the righteous religion, but most people do not know.” (The Romans 30:30)

It is an important point that revelation of Qur’an was in portions and lasted twenty three years. Thanks to that, Muslims could integrate the Qur’an with human nature and interpret the existence correctly.

“We divided it into portions for that you may read it to men in intervals and We sent it down in sections.”  (The Night Journey 17:106)

It is not easy to comprehend the notion of human nature. We may think that our nature is composed of our habits and circumstances. In that point we have to follow the Messenger’s way and his companions’ practice in order to solve our problems because, he is a good example for us, as decreed by Allah:

“Surely there is a good example for you in the Messenger of God, for all those who look forward to God and the Last Day, and remember God much.” (Al-Ahzaab/The Allies; 33:21)

The way of the Messenger is the practice of Qur’an.  The practice cannot be understood without comprehending the essence. The life of the Messenger must be interpreted in its unity with Qur’an. Only then we will be able to see that most sayings of the Messenger which seem contradictory, in fact explain different issues.

There are opinions of the sects about financial interest in the economics category on our website as well as our own opinion on this issue. The analysis of the issue is simply the explanation of our method. “Women’s Right to Divorce” is another piece of work that gives sufficient clue to the reader.

We are aware that our opinion is not relevant for the others. For that reason, we are trying our best to present our opinion as ideas, not as religion. If you find our opinions wrong, please warn us and we will do our best to straighten up.

“Do not say, with decorated lies of your tongues, “this is lawful and this is unlawful” to attribute your lies to Allah. Those who attribute lies to Allah do not achieve what they hope for.” (The Bee 16:116)


Our method on Sufism is apparent during the dialogue below between us and a Sufi:

Sufi- The first thing we would like to learn is: ‘Do you accept Sufism, or not?’

We- It depends on what you mean by the word ‘Sufism’. If you mean gathering around a leader in order to live Islam in accordance with Qur’an and Sunnah, we find that good and useful. A Sheikh has to work hard to become a teacher,  a leader and a model for other people. But if you make him a spiritual leader, placing him somewhere special between man and Allah, putting him into an intermediary position, asking help from his spirituality and benefiting from his holiness, you transgress the limits.  It is impossible for us to accept this. We deny all the supernatural beliefs and exaggerations that trespass the line of Qur’an and Sunnah.

Another dialogue is like this:

Sufi- If you do not believe in Abdul-Qadir Gilani, we have nothing to discuss with you!

We- It is not a pillar of faith to believe in Abdul-Qadir Gilani, but it is a pillar of faith to believe in the Holy Qur’an. In our opinion, most information related to this person’s life is false. People ascribed thousands of false narrations to Allah’s Messenger, so why not to Abdul-Qadir Gilani or Rumi. But if Abdul-Qadir Gilani himself had told anything contrary to Qur’an,  we could not assume that he had special knowledge, but we would have to refuse it immediately.  Because our responsibility is towards Allah, not towards Abdul-Qadir Gilani.

Allah the Almighty says:

“Let there be among you a party who invite people to all that is good, require the doing of all that is right and prevent the doing of all that is wrong. They will achieve what they hope for.” (Family of Imran 3:104)


You may find further reading in the article “Method to Understand Quran” on our site.


[1] Fitra is the body of laws that all beings are created, changed and developed according to.