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Did any fatwas come from Madhhab’s Imams about candle nights?

Question:  Are there any fatwas about candle(holy) nights which Madhhab’s Imams gave through their fatwas? I read something like, these nights started during the time of Ottoman Empire. Is there  any reason for Ottomans started these nights?


Imām Abū Ḥanīfah (died. 150 h.), Imām Malik ibn Anas (died. 179 h.), Imām Al-Shafi‘i (died. 204 h.) and Imām Ahmad ibn Hanbal (died. 241 h.) and other Madhhab’s Imams gave no fatwa about these issue because when they were alive, there were no celebration of these nights such as Mawlid, Miraj and Baraat Candles.

These candle nights did not start during the time of Ottoman Empire, they started at Egypt  three hundred fifty years later after the Hijra. From there, these nights moved to  State of Shia Fatimi.  After that candle nights started to celebrate during time of II. Sultan Selim at the Ottoman Empire.

During those days minarets of mosques were covered with candles and that is why they gave those nights the candle nights name. So these nights are named during the Ottoman Empire as kandil(candle) but they did not start from there.

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