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Ruling on Women’s Working

Question: According to Qur’an, are there any objections to women’s working? According to An-Nisa/ The Women 4:34, is it men’s responsibility to provide for their family?

There is no ruling against women’s working, neither in Qur’an nor in Prophet Muhammad’s sayings.

Once a woman gets married, it is her husband’s duty to cover her expenses. The woman has also some responsibilities to her husband. She is charged with fulfillment of them. If she fulfills these responsibilities and gets her husband’s permission to work, then she can work. However there are some conditions to do so:
-Her job should be allowed in Islam
-Her working environment should be appropriate for a Muslim woman

According to some narrations, Prophet Muhammad’s wife Zaynab used to do leather-work and sell the products at the bazaar. Since she had an income, she had bought some honey and offered him some sherbet she had made with the honey. This caused Muhammad’s other wives’ jealousy. The incident is mentioned in the first verses of chapter 66, at-Tahreem (the Prohibition).

Again, there is no ruling against women’s working. However, Islam doesn’t oblige women to work. Islam provides women with the comfort they need in their homes by assigning the role of providing subsistence for the household to husbands.

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