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Kafir (pl:Kuffar) – Concealer

The Glorified Allah commands: “As for those who disbelieve- who ignore the truth-, it is the same to them whether you warn them, or do not warn them, they will not believe.” (Al-Baqara/ The Cow 2/6)
The word ‘kafir’ derives from the root ‘kufr’ and ‘kufur’ and means to cover. To cover is not to show. To try to cover something widely heard, seen, and known as the instructions of the messenger means to ignore them. It is the same when not taking into account somebody’s goodness toward you. They are called ‘kafir’ meaning ungrateful, because the action is ignoring the benefaction done. Sometimes a bad action is covered by pretending not to notice it. This is an action done by good people. Thus, the thing covered/veiled can be positive or negative; covering the good is bad, and covering the bad is good.
11.1 Ignoring the Good
 Those who cover the nice and good things try obstacle them from being noticed. In Arabic this is called ‘kufr’ or ‘kufran’. A lot of people don’t take in consideration and ignore the good done to them. This is bad. The Glorified Allah commands: “When distress seizes you in the sea, whoever you call for help disappears except Allah. When He brings you back safe to the land, you turn away. The human is ever ungrateful.” (Isra/ Children of Israel 17/67)
Surely Allah does not love any one who is unfaithful, ungrateful.” (Al-Hajj/Pilgrimage 22/ 38)
A lot of people let themselves fall in such a situation. The worst are those who don’t take in consideration and ignore Allah, His Messenger and His Book. This is being ungrateful and disbeliever -kafir-. The Glorified Allah commands: “Surely We have explained in this Qur’an every kind of similitude. But most men are only ungrateful and in disbelief.” (Isra/Children of Israel 17/ 89)
Disbelieving is a conscientious action; all the disbelievers are aware of their position. This is why none of them relies upon a strong argument. The moment the feel like they have to defend themselves they get perverse. The verses which show the deterioration of Iblis are a good example to this. The Glorified Allah commands:
And certainly We created you, then We gave you (human) shape, then We said to the angels: Prostrate to Adam. So they prostrated except Iblis. he was not among those who prostrated.
Allah said: What held up you so that you didn’t prostate when I commanded you?
Iblis said: I am better than he: You have created me of fire, while You created him of mud.” (Al-A’raf/Purgatory 7/11-12)
 Iblis hadn’t liked the command of prostration in front of Adem. Ignoring the fact that he was opposing Allah he pretended he was opposing Adem. He was not as courageous as to oppose Allah directly because he knew that he owed everything and that even he (as everything else) had been created from Allah. These are hidden in these words of Iblis: “I am better than he. You have created me of fire, and You created him of clay.” (The Letter Sad 38/76)
 “I am not one that should prostrate to a mortal whom You created of shaped black mud.” (Al-Hijjr Valley 15/33)
The punishment he deserved was immediate. Allah told him: “He said: Then get forth from this (state), for it does not befit you to behave proudly therein. Go forth, therefore, surely you are of the abject ones.” (A’raf/Purgatory 7/ 13)
This is how Iblis became a disbeliever, although he hadn’t the minimal doubt related to the existence and oneness of Allah. He even accepted the existence of the afterworld as this is how he had begged after discarded: “My Lord! Respite me to the day that they are raised.” (The Letter Sad 38/79)
Ignoring only one of the Allah’s commands had been enough to make Iblis an infidel. Humans are the same; they become infidels because they disregard Allah’s commands.
In this work ‘kufur’ infidelity has been replaced sometimes with the word ‘kafirlik’ ungratefulness, sometimes with disbelieving, sometimes with disregarding and sometimes with non-acknowledgement.
11.2 Disregarding the Bad
Covering and hiding the bad and faulty things is a good action. Allah covers them as well. He commands: “If you avoid the great thing which you are forbidden from, We will cover your small sins. We will make you enter at a honorable place.” (An-Nisa/The Women 4/31)
And (as for) those who believe and do good deeds, We will cover their evil deeds and We will reward them according to the best of their deeds.
” (Al-Ankaboot/The Spider 29/7)
O believers! If you are cautious of (your duty to) Allah, He will grant you a criterion to distinguish right from wrong. He covers your evils and forgives you. Allah is the Lord of almighty grace.” (Al-Anfal/ Spoils of War [1]8/29)




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