Seals Upon Hearts

Does Allah really lock or seal people’s hearts? Why are they responsible, then?

Allah the Almighty commands:
(At this rate) Allah sets a mark upon their hearts and upon their hearing. There emerges a veil over their eyes. There is a great chastisement for them.” (Al-Baqara/ The Cow 2:7)

This and other verses similar to this show the consequences of negative actions. It is similar to rusting of iron, decaying of a tree or smutting of a mirror out of negligence, because the human decay is similar to decay of the nature.

Qur’an explains the creation (fitrat). The Glorified Allah commands:
“So set your face steadily and truly to that religion, the creation (fitra) of Allah, in which He has created the mankind. There is nothing to replace what Allah creates. That is the righteous religion. But most people do not know.” (ArRoom/The Romans 30:30)

The ‘fitrat’ stands for the creature’s basic being and for the laws and principles that express its creation, change, and development. The function and structure of everything; skies, earth, humans, animals, and plants are in accordance to this. Those who comply with the Qur’an, and act in compliance to this order are able to benefit most from the earth and the skies. After death they go to heaven and reach immortality.

Since Qur’an relates the fitrat, those who behave contrarily to Qur’an will have opposed the truth, and will disrupt the balance. Disruption starts with the human himself. What causes the human to act this way is his personal profits, expectations, and wannabes. If he doesn’t quit behaving this way, he will get rusted like iron does and will be transform into a new structure. The Glorified Allah commands:
Nay! what they use to do has become like rust upon their hearts.” (Al-Mutaffifin/ The Cheaters 83:14)

Thus, people get used to bad actions and start to enjoy them. Smokers for instance; at the first cigarette they are disgusted, the second tastes horrible, but if they continue smoking something new is formed inside their bodies that makes them enjoy smoking. It is the same with the liars; at the beginning they are disturbed by their lies, but as they continue lying they are equipped with a new feeling that makes think of the lies as a necessity.
People’s command centers are their hearts. Their reason identifies the truth, while the heart ;affected by people’s personal profits, expectations and wannabes; accepts or denies them. Because, accepting the decision of the mind requires to pay a price.

Those who don’t want to pay the price don’t accomplish a lot of the things they notice to be right. Then, defilement starts. After that the eyes fail seeing certain things and the ears fail hearing certain things. The universal truths are replaced by personal rights. A new world is formed. The person finds new friends there. The Glorified Allah commands:

Haven’t you seen him who takes his low desire for his god? Since he made it by knowing, Allah has considered him astray and has set marks upon his ear and his heart and set a veil upon his eye. Who can then consider him guided after Allah (has decided so)? Will you not use your mind?” (Al-Jathija/ Kneeling 45:23)

The marks on the heart and ears and the veiling of the eyes shows the newly formed structure. This verse enlightens the issue:
He who disbelieves in Allah after having believed, except for whom under compulsion with his heart remaining firm in faith, but he who opens (his) breast to disbelief, on them is the wrath of Allah. There is a grievous chastisement for them.
This is because they love this world’s life more than the hereafter because, Allah does not guide those who conceal (their faith), the disregarders of the truth.
These are they on whose hearts and their hearing and their eyes Allah has set a mark, and these are the heedless ones.
” (Al-Nahl/The Bee 16:106-108)

The words (الختم) hatm and (الطبع) tab’ mentioned in this and similar verses mean both to mark with something like stamp and the trace left[1]. In many translations the meaning of these words has been explained as locking, enclosing or sealing. In the 7th verse of Al-Baqara it has been given this explanation: [2]

According to us this translation is against the entirety of Quran. If Allah had enclosed their hearts and ears and had veiled their eyes then there is nothing the ‘kafirs’ can do. In this case, their punishment is unfair. But Allah never commits injustice. The Glorified Allah commands:

And when Moses said to his people: O my people! why do you give me trouble? And you know indeed that I am Allah’s apostle to you; but when they turned aside, Allah made their hearts turn aside, and Allah does not guide the transgressing people” (As-Saff/ The Rank 61:5)

In this and similar verses it is related how negative actions teach the bad habits. This is Allah’s law. In this worldly life, foundation is very close to devastation.

[1] Mufradat, Art. ختم  and Art. طبع
[2] Ali Ozerk and friends, The Holy Qur’an and its Commentary with Explanation.
[3] Image taken from
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Date: Jul 7, 2014
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