Islam and the Quran


Question: Is there any verse in Quran about dowry? Is it mandatory for the bride side to give something as dowry during marriage?

Dowry is a cultural thing. It is not something commanded by Allah. In Islam, women do not have to buy/give any property during marriage. There’s no evidence on this. In principle, all of the furniture and other needs of the house are the responsibility of men only.

However, it is not forbidden for a bride to bring something with her while marrying. It will be wise to consider cultural issues as long as they are not against the laws of Allah. If something from the bride side is to be given as dowry, it is advised to inform all parties that she is doing this as a gesture and as a respect to the traditions only, not because she has to.

For the men, it would not be lawful to force their brides to give something as dowry. As it is said, this would only be a gesture from the bride’s side. It cannot be asked for.

For the parents, it would not be lawful to speak on behalf of their children and make agreements between themselves on the issues like mahr and dowry. They cannot ask for anything from anybody, and they cannot specify these things as it will be an unfair pressure on the couple.

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