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What is the ruling on taking drugs that include alcohol?

Question: Is consuming drugs, cough syrup and similar medication including alcohol forbidden?

Ethyl alcohol is actually the intoxicating substance in alcoholic drinks. However, it is already included in many foods such as bread, orange peel, ready-sold dough; and our body needs it to a certain extent. In Qur’an Al-Karim, the word  ‘alcohol’ is not mentioned.  The Glorified Allah forbids consuming intoxicants. However, drinks and other foods do not intoxicate as long as the ratio of alcohol within them reach a certain amount. If a substance includes sugar or starch, ethyl alcohol emerges in it, although you do not interfere. If you do interfere and add more than a certain amount of alcohol to drinks, they become intoxicant and forbidden.

As a result, those drugs do not intoxicate and therefore are not forbidden.

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