Islam and the Quran

A Short Essay on Atheism

The Quran, which consists of the verses/signs that God sent down, frequently draws attention to the verses/signs that are “created”. God says, He did this so we could see that the Quran is indeed the Book of God:

“We will show them (people) our signs both in their surroundings and within themselves so that it will become clear to them that it (the Quran) is the truth. Is it not enough that your Master is witness to everything?” (The Quran 41:53).

As can be seen, created signs/created revelation constitute evidence to understand that the Book belongs to God; because, according to the Quran, there is neither a single living being nor an inanimate being that has doubts about the existence and unity of God. Questioning the existence of God is something that a reasonable, rational, normal person would never even think of:
“Are they seeking something other than God’s religion when all beings in the heavens and earth, willingly or unwillingly, are submissive to Him? They will all be (resurrected and) returned to His presence” (The Quran, 3:83).

Therefore, none of the prophets ever put the effort into proving the existence of God. They rather invited people to accede to the pure monotheistic religion without joining any other being with God.

Atheism is the most empty discourse in history that has been pampered by city life, put forward by people who have put themselves in the center of the world. It is a claim that has never been taken seriously by any sane person. Anyone who has spent two hours in nature or in any village with careful observation reinforces the innate knowledge about the existence, unity, power, and attributes of God.

The fact that those who define themselves as atheists say “we don’t accept the existence of God” -although they know very well that God exists- is nothing but a manifestation of the extent of their arrogance. The real problem of those who ignore the signs of God is not the existence of God, but that He warns about the Day of Judgement by sending messengers. What they cannot accept is that they will be accountable to a Creator stronger than them:

What surprises them is that a warner comes from among them. Those who ignored the verses (disbelievers) said: “This is a strange thing!” “Once we have died and become dust? It’s a remote possibility.” We know well what the soil reduces from them. We have a book that keeps everything (The Quran 50:2-4).

As you can see, the main issue is about the afterlife. It is common for those who want to live this life according to their own criteria, instead of in complete submission to God and His system, to not accept the life after death and the fact that they will be accountable. Because, in fact, they themselves know that human-made systems cannot be absolutely correct, universal, and timeless.

Therefore, in the continuation of the verses of Surah Qaf above, our Master wants these people to look at nature, that is, the created verses/created revelation. This is one of the most effective ways to understand that what was sent down in the Quran is the truth:

“No! They lied against this truth that came to them; they are in complete hesitation. Do they not look at the sky above them, how we raised it, and how we decorated it? There are no cracks in it. As for the earth, We have spread it out by casting therein firm mountains. We caused it to bring forth both males and females of each plant that makes it beautiful. To show the truth, to be a source of correct information (dhikr) for every servant who turns to Him” (The Quran 50:5-8).

However, city life keeps people away from the verses of God every day and prevents them from even looking at their own selves, which is indeed another magnificent sign/verse. Yet, even the most fierce atheist knows naturally that nothing will ever replace God’s creations. That’s why, for example, he wants the foods he eats to be pure and organic, that is to say, he wants no human intervention in the thing that God created. However, when it comes to “pure and organic religion”, which is, the religion that has no additions from human beings, most people sidestep. The best way to see the system that God established and called Islam is to observe nature, which consists of the signs/pieces of evidence on earth.

“There are signs on earth for those who want to have precise information! You also have them in yourself; don’t you observe?” (The Quran 51:20-21).

I wish every person could seek to become a shepherd for two hours instead of pursuing fame for fifteen minutes, and thus have the opportunity to see our Master’s great system closely. At that time, that person will see the same great system is among the verses that are verbally sent down and will be able to understand that the Quran is the book of God. Of course, the first condition for this is to read the Quran carefully and seriously.

Authored by Erdem UYGAN
Translated by Can ABDULLAH

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