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Alawite – Sunni Marriage

Question: Can an Alawite and Sunni get married? I have a friend who is in love with an Alawite but her family does not approve them getting married. Is it not OK to let your daughter marry with an Alawite man?

Alawism is not a religion on its own. There are Alawites who recognize themselves as Muslims, acknowledge Allah and Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.), accept Qur’an with all its rulings and try to live accordingly as much as possible. If the other conditions to get married are met, then there is no harm to marry a person like this.

However, there are Alawites who introduce themselves as Muslims but do not acknowledge its rulings, and believe it is unnecessary -God forbid- and talk out of place about our Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) and The Companions. Those people are not considered as Muslims. Allah the Almighty commands the following about those people:

Do not marry mushrik women unless they believe; a captive woman who believes is better than a mushrik woman, even if the latter may appear very attractive to you. And do not wed your women to mushrik men unless they believe; a captive man who believes is better than a mushrik man, even if he may seem very pleasing to you. Those people invite you to the Fire while Allah, by His grace invites you to the Gardens and His forgiveness, and He makes His evidences clear for the people so that they can use the knowledge and remind each other.” (Al-Baqarah/ The Cow 2:221)

On our official Turkish website,, there is a research article in Turkish titled “Aleviler”. To be translated into English in far future:

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