Islam and the Quran

Is there a verse or hadith that prohibits us to hold the Qur’an lower than belly level?

Question: During the time of Messenger,  verses of the Qur’an were written on bones, leathers, and stones. Accordingly, written verses were standing below the belly level of a person and  this was considered as a normal situation at that time. Is there any verse or hadith that makes us not to  hold the Holy Qur’an at those low levels? 



There is no verse or hadith about holding the Qur’an at lower levels of the belly or putting it on the ground. But according to our cultural norms and values, putting the bread or the Qur’an on the floor; will be disrespectful to them. Because in a way, you are not showing your respectful manners to the things which are given to you by Allah, the Almighty.

Being real respectful to the Qur’an is reading it with full of understanding and putting the textual meanings to our minds so that we can do our duties right. If we don’t do any of these, and start to learn from it, that means we are not doing our works within the perspective of Holy Qur’an.

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