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Can his uncle give zakat to my child?

Question: A teacher has approximately 1600€ of income. She has two children who are students, one of which has just entered university. Would it be a valid zakat if their uncle gave these children?

The Almighty God lists the classes of people who can be given zakat as follows: (Sadakalar sadece fakirlere, miskînlere, sadaka işinde çalışanlara ve müellefe-i kulûba verilir. Bir de esirlere, borçlulara, Allah yoluna ve yolculara harcanmak üzere ayrılır. Bunlar Allah tarafından farz kılınmıştır. Bilen ve kararları doğru olan Allah’tır.) “Zakat expenditures are for the poor, the desperate, those employed to collect Zakat and those to warm their hearts (to Islam); and are used for freeing captives, for those in debt, for the cause of Allah and for the travelers. This is an obligation by Allah. Allah is All-Knowing and The Wise.” (At-Tawbah/ The Repentance 9:60) The ‘poor’ mentioned in the verse is the person who does not have more money than amount of nisab besides his/her subsistence. This person is regarded as poor although he/she owns a house, household goods and money equal to his/her debts which are from basic needs. ‘Nisab’ means the criterion and amount specified by shariah. This amount is 85 grams or more for gold. If this teacher does not have this amount of gold or equal amount of money or goods left after subtracting her basic needs (rent, monthly bills, education expenditures of children), both she and her children can take zakat from children’s uncle.

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