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Can I take off my scarf at my workplace?

Question: I am living in a non-Muslim country and our government does not allow us to wear religious clothes that includes scarf. What should I do, can I not wear scarf at my workplace?

You wear the scarf because Allah commands you to do so, not because you like it. Obeying Allah’s orders, on the other side, has a cost, so that it becomes clear whether you do it for the sake of Allah, or for another reason. You should pay that cost and stand up to difficulties.

We recommend that you wear a wig in compulsory cases. The Glorified Allah commands:

“Your wealth and your children are only a trial. Whereas Allah! Great reward is with Him. So hold Allah in awe as much as you are able. Listen; obey, spend on others and do good deeds for yourselves. And whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul, then they attain what they hope. “ (At-Taghabun/Mutual Deception 64:15-16)

Do not forget that Devil stands on the right path and messes only with the people on it. Do not get caught by its solicitude. May Allah be your helper!

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