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Conditional Three Talaqs In One Sitting

Question: When I was very angry with my wife, I said to her involuntarily: ‘If you call your parents by phone without informing me, I will divorce you with 3 to 9 Talaq’. She did not call them out of my information until now, but if she forgets it and calls them, will we be accepted as divorced? Actually I regret my words. What should I do to invalidate my commitment?

This condition to divorce with 3 to 9 Talaqs you put forward is void. It does not have any validity. You don’t have any rights to restrain your wife from calling or talking face to face with her parents!

How could you forbid the relations between your wife and her parents, even as Allah commands us to behave our parents well. Firstly you have to repent for this and ask for forgiveness from Allah.

As for your question about divorce; there are also specific rules on divorce as in marriage.

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