Islam and the Quran

Debt And Death

Your husband can’t get rid of the debt with death. His current properties will be divided up among the debtees. For example: he owes $100 to 10 people. If his inheritance is $50, each debtee would get half of their payment. They can’t demand beyond this.

2. Nobody is obliged to pay another person’s debt. Debt is not inherited. For this reason, neither you are responsible for your husband’s debt nor the father of your husband. However, according to law in effect in many countries, the debt is inherited to you if you don’t disclaim the inheritance and you will have to pay them. For this reason, it would be a good action to disclaim the inheritance. You can do so as well.

3.  There is nothing to do if you gave your gold to your husband as gift. If you lent them,  you are a debtee. Your husband gets rid of his debt to you if you forgo it. It is a good deed of yours.