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Does giving three talaqs at once end the marriage?

Question: I am married for six years with a two year-old son. We had a marriage of love. We had arguments very often in the last year. My husband gave me three talaqs during one of these arguments but have solved our problems now. My husband is regretful. What should we do? We continue our sex life. Are we counted as fornicating? I am not relieved, please inform us.

A proper marriage may only be ended by a proper divorce. Unfortunately, people are misinformed on this topic. Believing that three talaqs end the marriage, is one of these. This is incorrect. Giving three talaqs at once reluctantly and due to anger, does not end the marriage. Divorce has rules, too. Therefore, you should be relieved.

Every single talaq requires a distinct waiting period, and therefore three talaqs cannot be performed at once. According to the verses 1-3 in 65th Surah At-Talaq, the criteria to be accomplished after giving the talaq are:

  1. The man must count the waiting period
  2. He mustn’t drive her out of the house
  3. The woman herself should not abandon the house
  4. At the end of the waiting period, reconsider the decision and decide between keeping her with kindness or separate with kindness
  5. Have two witnesses in presence both while divorcing and either while returning to or leaving her.

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