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Fasting of kidney patients

Question: Can kidney patients who receive dialysis treatment fast during Ramadan?

There are two types of treatment administered on the kidney patients:

– Peritoneal dialysis is a process of cleansing the blood and rebalancing the water ratio by infusing a special fluid (dialysis solution) into the patient’s abdomen and draining the waste from kidneys after a certain time.

– Hemodialysis is a process of cleansing the blood by the help of a machine outside the patient’s body. The blood is first drained from the patient’s arm. Then the hemodialysis machine filters the waste and excess water out from the blood and returns it back to the patient. A dialysis solution that includes nutrients is commonly given in this process.

Consequently, a hemodialysis treatment which does not involve nutrients given to patient does not break the fast. Peritoneal dialysis and nutrient-involving hemodialysis treatments break the fast.

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