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Fish and Seafood Caught by Non-Muslims

Question: What is the ruling on eating the fish or seafood caught by non-Muslims?

Eating fish and seafood, whether they are caught by Muslims or non-Muslims, is lawful  without exceptions.  The Almighty God commands about the aquatic (water) animals, in contrast to terrestrial (land) animals:

“Catch of the water and the food from it (the water) have been made lawful for you and for the travelers as subsistence.(Al-Ma’ida/The Feast 5:96)

The expression “catch of the water” points out all the animals caught by means of a trap while alive, and the expression “food from the water” points out what died of itself in the sea and what waves bring to the shore.

This verse confirms that all of the sea animals are permitted to eat wherever and however they are found. Whatever its names is, whoever catches it, either Muslim or non-Muslim, either it is dead or alive the same rule applies; those animals are lawful (halal).

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