Islam and the Quran

Going to Iftar invitations or Tarawih?

Muslims have six rights upon other Muslims:

“When you meet him greet him; When he invites you, respond to him; when he seeks counsel, give him advice; when he sneezes and says Alhamdulillah, say “Yarhamokallah” to him; when he is sick, visit him; when he dies, follow his funeral” (Tirmidhi, Adab,1; Nasai, Janaiz, 52; Ibn Majah, Janaiz, 1)

“When one of you invites his brother, he must attend whether it is a wedding feast, or something similar.” (Abu Dawud, Et’ime, 1)

In case it is possible, you and your husband can attend the iftar and then your husband may request permission for the prayer and leave.