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I am unemployed, do I give zakah for my fiancée’s bracelets?

Question: I was working in a company. I got engaged and fell out of work after a while. I had bought 9 bracelets and little gold to my fiancée. We have 300 gr. amount of gold now. Do we have to give Zakah of this gold? If so, can my father give it for me as cash?

Gifts that you bought for your fiancée are hers, not yours. Therefore, it is your fiancée that should give Zakah from it when the time comes. For a certain amount of wealth to be subject to Zakah, one year should have passed over its ownership. After one year, you calculate the gold (or money) you have in hand and give 2.5% as either gold or cash. It is not necessary to exchange the gold to cash.

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