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I had vowed on cutting all relations with my brother. Can I break it?

Question: I had a fight with my brother about a family issue, and vowed on never talking with him again and never going to his home. Do I have an option for breaking this vow?


Someone who vowed on not doing an order of Allah, or committing a sin/crime does not keep this vow, pays the expiation at once and returns from this vow.

Allah the Almighty commands about the oaths:

“Allah has prescribed for you the way for breaking your oaths. Allah is your Guardian. He knows, and judges rightly.” (At-Tahreem / The Prohibition 66:2)

“Do not make Allah an excuse for your oaths to keep back from virtue, piety and welfare of people.” (Al-Baqarah / The Cow 2:224)

It is narrated that the Messenger of Allah said:

“An oath that is made on committing a sin doesn’t count. An oath that is made on cutting the relations with relatives doesn’t count.” (Abu Dawood, Talaq/Divorce, 7)

“If you vow on something then see some other thing as better; break your vow, give the expiation and go for the better way.” (Bukhari, Ayman/Vows, 1; Muslim, Ayman/Vows, 11 (1650))

Most of the scholars interpreted these narrations like this:

“Someone who vows on cutting the relations with relatives shall not keep that vow, give the expiation and go for the other way.”

Please see the link below for more information about the expiation of oaths:

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