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Inside The Ka’aba

Question: What is inside the Ka'aba?

“Inside of Ka’aba appears as a rectangular room. At the northern corner (Rukn Al-Iraqi) lies stairs to climb on the roof. In front of it is the door called ‘The Door of Repentance – Ba’ab At-Tawbah’. The floor is of marble and the walls are tiled with marble up to two meters high. Inscriptions about performed renovations and restorations are mounted on the walls; five on the western, one on the eastern and one on the northern. Three wooden poles, from the time of Abdullah B. Zubayr, are erected in the middle of the floor lined up from south to north. In front of the pole that is against the door lies the location where Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) used to pray. That location is marked with a prayer-mat shaped marble. ” (Sadettin Ünal, “Kabe”, Diyanet İslam Ansiklopedisi, v: 24, p: 15)

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