Islam and the Quran

Interfering in Wife’s Money

Question: In our religion, to what extent is a husband is allowed to interfere in his wife’s income, properties and expenditures?

It is not right to respond to this question by listening to the single side. But we can say the following as principle:

  1. A husband cannot interfere in his wife’s money. He cannot touch her properties without her consent.
  2. A husband is obliged to pay for his wife’s mahr as well as to provide all of her clothing, accommodation and food. Once a husband provides all of these, the wife also cannot  interfere in her husband’s money.

But marriage is not solely sharing the bed. Wife and husband are couples who come together to share the whole life and to find peace and harmony. Hence, the man and the woman both should consult each other before making considerable expenditures and refrain from circumstances and actions that will upset each other.

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