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Is intercourse prohibited at Ramadan nights?

Question: Are we allowed to have sexual relations (intercourse) at Ramadan nights?

Intercourse is only prohibited while fasting, in other words from fajr time to beginning of maghrib prayer time (iftar), at Ramadan nights. After breaking the fast, husband-wife relations are allowed until the fajr time (unless the wife is on her menstrual periods). The verse explaining this issue is as follows:

“It has been made lawful for you to have sexual relations with your wives on the nights of fasting. They are a covering for you and you are a covering for them. Allah knew that you were doing deeds that would abuse the trust in you and He accepted your repentance. Now you are permitted to have intercourse with your wives. Seek that which Allah has ordained for you…(Al-Baqarah/ The Cow 2:187)

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