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Last Day

Question: Are the Last Day, Doomsday, the Day of Rising, the Day of Judgment are all the same?

When we look at the verses, we understand that the “Last Day” will be on this earth after it was re-arranged. Allah commands:

“When the skies and this earth shall be changed altogether, all will appear fully exposed before Allah, the One and the Irresistible!” (14:48)

When we rise up from the graves at “Doomsday” (al-qiyama) or the “Day of Rising” (yawm al-qiyama) or the “Day of Resurrection” (yawm al-baath, 30:56); believers, concealers and even wild or tame animals (81:5) are going to be gathered.

This is going to be the “Day of Gathering” (42:7, 64:9) when there is no discrimination for anyone. And then there will be the “Day of Separation”. Allah commands:

“Indeed the Day of Separation is the appointed time for all.” (44:40)

The separation of believers and concealers for good shall be after the distribution of the books of deeds, the final reckonings and the day of final judgments (yawm ad-din).

Believing in the hereafter, which is one of the five tenets of a true faith,[1] means believing all of these events that will take place after everyone’s death.

[1] Five tenets of a true faith are to believe in that: there is no authority but the one and only God, there is the Hereafter, there are God’s angels, messengers and books.

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