Islam and the Quran

Last Day

When we look at the verses, we understand that the “Last Day” will be on this earth after it was re-arranged. Allah commands:

“When the skies and this earth shall be changed altogether, all will appear fully exposed before Allah, the One and the Irresistible!” (14:48)

When we rise up from the graves at “Doomsday” (al-qiyama) or the “Day of Rising” (yawm al-qiyama) or the “Day of Resurrection” (yawm al-baath, 30:56); believers, concealers and even wild or tame animals (81:5) are going to be gathered.

This is going to be the “Day of Gathering” (42:7, 64:9) when there is no discrimination for anyone. And then there will be the “Day of Separation”. Allah commands:

“Indeed the Day of Separation is the appointed time for all.” (44:40)

The separation of believers and concealers for good shall be after the distribution of the books of deeds, the final reckonings and the day of final judgments (yawm ad-din).

Believing in the hereafter, which is one of the five tenets of a true faith,[1] means believing all of these events that will take place after everyone’s death.

[1] Five tenets of a true faith are to believe in that: there is no authority but the one and only God, there is the Hereafter, there are God’s angels, messengers and books.