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Meaning of Shaytan – Satan

Question: What is Shaytan? What does it actually mean?

Shaytan is an Arabic word meaning literally “the one who is far away”. Its plural form is Shayateen. It is a derivative of the root “sh-T-n” which means “to become distant”.  It originally comes from the Hebrew word “Satan”. Satan means “the opposer”, “the conspirator”.

According to its usage in Quran, Shaytan is a common noun which signifies jinn or people that lead away others from the right path, therefore become far away from the mercy of Allah. The Almighty commands:

“Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind, The King of mankind, The God of mankind; from the evil of the whispering insidious who whispers in the hearts of people whether from the unseen (jinn) or from the man.” (The Mankind 114:1-6)

According to Quran, the Shayateen are considered the ultimate enemy of the man.

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