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Question: Do our questionings about God or the creation make us an infidel (kafir)?


Like many others, I am a person who has faith in God and maintains the 5 daily prayers. Recently I started to question everything in my life. “What is this for? What is its purpose? Why and what am I doing? Etc.”. And then I answer them by myself. In other words, I am questioning things. For instance I question, “Can’t the universe exist by chance?” Then I contemplate about the big bang theory, the orbiting of millions of stars, the earth’s distance to the sun and its 3 millimeter change to cause the planet either to freeze or to burn, then I conclude and answer my question as “all these are planned and programmed therefore created”. Am I, by any chance, in “distrust” with these questions? The essence of my question is, do I become a disbeliever, an infidel by such thoughts? This frightens me, but such questions come to mind anyhow.


No. On the contrary, all these questionings mean that you are becoming a believer in every respect.

Continue reading the Qur’an. But consult an expert when you come across a verse that you can’t quite understand. Reading without understanding provides you nothing. You don’t need to read too much. A single verse that is understood is more beneficial than pages of verses that are read without understanding. You’ll witness God’s help when you try to understand and you’ll advance. When you open your heart to Qur’an, then God will open Qur’an to your heart.

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