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Sacrifice Duty of Travelers

Question: If someone travels to a relative's place (which is farther than 90 kms) and would like to sacrifice there, what would the ruling on it be? One condition of performing the sacrifice is being resident. So, what is the correct opinion about the sacrifice of travelers?

The sect Hanafi considers sacrifice as wajib. According to them, travelers are not responsible for performing the worship of sacrifice. However, it is not wrong to sacrifice at all. According to the sects that consider sacrifice as sunnah, there is no difference between travelers and residents. Hanafis give this permission to ease the difficulties that travelers face in worship. Because a traveler may have difficulties both in providing with and slaughtering a sacrifice and in distributing and making use of the meat. Besides, a traveler may have to spend his money cautiously even though he is rich. However, travel conditions have changed dramatically nowadays, and therefore the opinions of other sects may be practiced.

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