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Does exposing my hair break my ablution (wudu)?

Question: I am performing my prayer, but outside of it I am not observing hijab. Are my prayers counted? Additionally, after taking my ablution, I wander around without covering my hair. Does it break my ablution (wudu)?

Performing prayers and covering the hair, they are both orders of Allah. When you are performing a prayer, you are following an order that came from Allah; so just like it, you should observe hijab and obey Him in this subject, too.

Not fulfilling one obligation does not invalidate the other one that you fulfilled, though. If you established your prayer, you fulfilled a commandment from Him. Exposing your hair out of prayers does not invalidate your prayer; also it does not break or harm your ablution (wudu).

Wudu-breakers are listed in the following fatwa:

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  • Assalamualikum, If my family such as brothers and father sees my hair (a woman) will my wudu break? I normally walk around in the house with wudu and no hijab, and when its time to pray I put my hijab on, but my dad told me my wudu will break because they see my hair and neck. Is that true?