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Using Counterfeit Goods and Pirated Content

Question: Is it permissible to use counterfeit software just because the original ones are too expensive?

The act of using counterfeit products is similar to acquiring things which you are indeed not entitled to, and this is only another description of “stealing”.  Therefore, using counterfeit products must be avoided, as well as stealing.

Counterfeit goods and pirated content not only affect big businesses and the country economy, but the losses they cause have a grave negative impact on the thousands of people employed in those industries, contributing to rental and retail store closures, loss of jobs and a growing threat to future investment.[1]

Then, if we use counterfeit goods or pirated content, the people who work in these sectors will be negatively affected, and they will have their rightful due with us.

Consequently, counterfeit products and piracy of software, music, films, or any other type of content is not permissible.

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