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Voting for Wrong Person

Question: Since humans are responsible for every action they perform, and when we vote in favor of some candidates during elections, don’t we have a share of the predicament sourced by harmful practices of these individuals who are empowered and enabled by our support?

To vote means to deliver trusts to those worthy of them. As you do not leave any of your valuables to a person you do not trust, you should not vote for a person you do not trust, either. If you vote for a person, despite you know he is ineligible and you observe his misbehavior, of course you will be liable. However, in case you have chosen a person by your conviction that the person is good, but he turns to be bad, you still earn reward. That person’s evil is to his own account.

The following verses must always be kept in mind:

Who intercedes in a good cause shall have a share from it; and who intercedes in an evil cause shall have a burden from it. Allah is always the watcher of everything. (An-Nisa/ The Women 4:85)

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