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Was Satan unwise that he rebelled against Allah?

Question: Was Satan (Devil) unwise that he rebelled against Allah? Regarding this, how should we understand the parable of Adam and Devil?

Satan is not an unwise being. Since he was aware of Allah’s power, he asked for permission from Allah even when he was fired. In some verses, it is stated that Satan fears from Allah.

But the point is: Being wise and using the mind are not the same. Devil fell into that position since he did not use his mind and afterwards he did not repent. If he had used his mind and asked Allah for forgiveness instead of using his emotions, he wouldn’t have been in that position today. Indeed, Allah is not cruel that He would mislead the Satan and then  punish him!

Also the prophet Adam (a.s.) knew Allah very well. Allah had taught him everything. So Allah was his teacher. Allah had put only one ban to Adam. But he had broken the rule of Allah. Up to this point, there is no difference between what he and Satan did. One didn’t follow Allah’s command, the other broke Allah’s rule. The differences between two of them came out later. Satan insisted that what he had done was right, he became arrogant and then was fired. Adam realised that he was wrong, he repented immediately and he was forgiven. So both of them did what they did by themselves. Allah didn’t force them to do that. Here comes out the difference between being wise and using the mind.

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