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What is the situation of a Muslim who has been unfair to a Non-Muslim?

Question: I would like to ask a question about Non-Muslims’ rightful due. Before I knew my religion I was once unfair to someone. After the guidance of Allah, I've learned my religion. But some people say that it is not possible to pay the right of a concealer back and he is going to take my faith away. How could that be possible? Even if I die with faith, will the concealer take my faith and go to gardens, and I'm going to stay in hell forever? Is this true? Could you please clarify this?

Firstly, we must state that there is no difference between a Muslim’s rights and a Non-Muslim’s rights in terms of being a “man”. A Muslim must utterly respect to Non-Muslims’ rights just the same as he does for Muslim brothers, and he must avoid violating their rights.

As for your question:

Concealers will never go to gardens. However, if you violated someone’s right and if you did not settle a dispute while you were still alive, he is going to get his due from you in the hereafter. This won’t make him free from hell, but depending on your work in this life, this may transfer you from gardens to hell. However, there is no such thing as he will “take” your faith. So, you will not stay in hell for good.

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