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What should we be careful about in the summer in Ramadan?

Question: Ramadan came across with summer this year. What are the things that fasting people should be careful about? Can we make vacation in Ramadan? What are the important things for the people that live or have a holiday in coast side to pay attention to? Does swimming break the fast?

In Qur’an, The Glorified Allah specifies the purpose of the fast as follows:

“O you who believe, fasting has been prescribed for you as it was prescribed for the ones before you, so that you may protect yourselves.” (Al-Baqarah/The Cow 2:183)

According to this verse, a person who is fasting in Ramadan should better protect himself against sins than the other times. The Prophet (p.b.u.h.) said that the call for this protection used to renew every night in Ramadan:

“When the first night of the Ramadan enters, devils and the disobedient jinns are chained. Gates of the hell are closed, none of them opens. Gates of the heaven are opened, none of them closes. One addresses: ‘O you willing for goodness, head for it! O you willing for evil, hold yourself! (Because) Some are protected by Allah from fire.’ This work is carried out every night in Ramadan.” (Tirmidhi, Sawm, 1; İbn Majah, Siyam, 2.)

According to 187th verse of the Surah of Baqarah, things that break the fast are eating, drinking and intercourse. In the very same verse, The Glorified Allah commands:

“These are the limits by Allah, do not approach them!”

Therefore, one should not get close to eating, drinking, intercourse and things that lead to them.

There is nothing wrong in having vacation in Ramadan. Swimming does not break the fast, unless water runs through mouth or nose. It is not rare that water runs through mouth or nose while swimming. Fasting people should be careful about this.

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