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Working in a company that borrows loan on interest

Question: I work in the accounting department of a company. As a part of my job, I also do interest calculations as our company borrows money from banks. What is the legality of our earnings in this situation?

One of the main principles in business is to stay out of interest based income. But it seems that your company does not mainly deal with interest. In these situations, you need to look to the source of your earnings.

If your earnings come mainly from unlawful businesses like selling liquor, lending money on interest, etc. it should be abandoned. If your earnings come mainly from lawful businesses but include an amount of unlawful income, it can be permitted. But it is advised to calculate and get rid of the amount of your salary which comes from unlawful earnings.

On the other hand, a company that borrows money on interest does not get income from it. It causes others to get income from interest which means that your earnings do not include interest based income.

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