Islam and the Quran


Women in prayers

No. There is no need to separate women from men while praying. However, Allah describes the believers as “who humble themselves in their prayers” (23:2). So, in order to establish a proper atmosphere that...

The purpose of iddah

1- The purpose of iddah is not the identification of pregnancy. Pregnancy can be identified today with such easy tests that do not even require a medical doctor. 2- The purpose of iddah (Allah knows the best) is to...

Being Uncovered at Home

A Muslim woman is only obliged to cover herself within the presence of stranger men. She does not have to do it while she is in home with other women or with her father, brothers, uncles or father in law. Allah the...

Veiling during nights

There is no evidence for a claim like this. There is no command for women to be covered while they are alone or with their husbands. Women can sleep in any clothing they like. Adolescent women must be covered only...

Swimming alone and uncovered

If you can manage to be seen by no one except your husband, then there will be no problem. But it is not an easy task, so you must be very careful.
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