Islam and the Quran


Swimming alone and uncovered

If you can manage to be seen by no one except your husband, then there will be no problem. But it is not an easy task, so you must be very careful.
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Make-up, Nail Polish and Hair Dye

It is not forbidden to put on make-up or nail polish! Allah created women with a tendency to titivate. However, Allah allowed women to titivate under ‘certain conditions’. A woman can put on make-up or dye her hair but...

Women Working in Trousers

For a woman, it is obligatory to cover her body when she is around other men, except the family members who are forbidden to marry her. Face, hands up to the wrist joints, and feet up to the ankle joints are exceptions...

Women’s Visit to Their Parents

Maintaining the ties of kinship is an order of Allah. Allah The Almighty commands: “Worship Allah and join nothing with Him. To parents do good, and to relatives, orphans, the desperate, the near neighbor, the neighbor...