Islam and the Quran


Fitrah expresses the creation of the beings as well as the laws and principles of change and development. The structure and operation of the skies, the earth, human beings, animals, plants and everything is in compliance with it. The basic laws of science, technology, and human relationships are also part of fitrat.

      Koran is the form of fitrat revealed by Allah. The Glorified Allah commands:

 “(You) Set your face steadily and truly to this Faith– the fitra of Allah. He has created men in compliance with it. There is nothing to 

take the place of Allah’s creation.  This is the right religion, but most people do not know.” (Al Room/ The Romans 30/30).
      Fitra is Islam. There is complete harmony between the Koran and Fitra. It is necessary to benefit form the Koran in order to understand Fitra and from the Fitra in order to understand the Koran.

      As the laws of fitra are viable for the human nature, he is disturbed by behaviors in contradiction to the Koran. However, the human undertakes these actions for his personal interests, expectations or out of the desire to emulate others. Later on, he gets used and starts to enjoy it. Nonetheless, the discomfort hidden within him emerges time after time. People like this avoid reflecting over their deeds. Prophets call upon them to undertake “tezekkur”, to consider if their conscience approves their actions.

      Tezekkur, refers to the setting in motion of the knowledge kept in mind. The prophets of Allah were influential because they claimed those eternal truths that were viable in all environments and appealed to the human nature. 

      As every prohibition of the Koran, the prohibition of usury is also compliant with the human nature and fitra. This prohibition is essential for the establishment of a happy society and happy people. While attempting to explain usury in all details, this point will be held in mind.

      If it is approached from the perspective Koran explained, the previous need, foreseen by Islamic Jurisprudence methodology to apply the comparison framework (kiyas) and the unanimity framework (icma), is abolished. At the same time, there is no place for unviable concepts such as “events and subjects are limitless, while nas are limited, for this reason the obligation to apply to other forms was born”.

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