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Letter To Interreligious Dialogue Committee President

The letter you can see below was sent to Cardinal Jean-Louis Pierre Tauran,  who was Inter-religious Dialogue Committee President in 2009. It informs the Committee of the works accomplished by the parties, who signed Tübingen Cooperation Declaration, and requests cooperation from Roman Catholic Church. Unfortunately it is still awaiting reply:

His Eminence                                                                                              Rome, 10.3.2009

Cardinal Jean-Louis Pierre Tauran,

Interreligious Dialogue Committee President


Those who signed the agreement below would like to inform you of the co-works accomplished by now:

1Tübingen Cooperation Declaration

 Parties have consented to work cooperatively basing on the natural order/disposition/fitra at the end of meetings held in Istanbul and Tübingen.

Both faculties and Suleymaniye Foundation will make efforts to create units that will make researches on jurisprudence and natural order. They will also support doctorate and master’s works on these subjects.

Basing the dialogue on creation will also be one of the main issues. Its achievement will attest the unity of the book the God created, which is fitra, and the book He revealed. Thus parties will have the chance to cooperate on indisputable truths; misbeliefs will be cast aside; and the Scriptures of God will be the main reference book.

Some of the information extracted from natural order forms the natural law. This law means all of the criteria that are derived from the human’s nature and that are understood by natural comprehension. It bases on the idea that, human is of a divine nature. Natural law serves to form the ground for rationalist coexistence of humans and governments that have different believes. This law is also binding for governors and legislators. This has to be the case in order to provide the fundamental rights and liberties.

Every human that reads the book of nature comprehends God and understands that he owes everything to Him. All prophets had made efforts in this area, and tried to put mind and natural knowledge base into use about religion. As long as they are taken as examples, religion and science will comply with each other, and the way to unite the humanity around common values will be paved.

The resource for science is the book created by God, that is fitra/disposition/nature. If the book revealed by God is also utilized, science will develop substantially. So we will have the chance to make researches cooperatively and race in good works.

Parties have agreed on this great cooperation for the advantage of humanity, and signed this text by wishing help and success from God.

2- Protocol for Acceptance and Implementation of Tübingen Declaration

In December 2008, this Declaration has been enacted by the protocol that defines some of the cooperative research projects. The following subject has been added to that protocol later on:

 Additional Protocol: Economics, Commerce and Interest

“Parties would like to contribute to building the philosophical grounds of desired new economical system in the world. The headline for this work is “Economics, Commerce and Interest”.

Abdulaziz Bayindir highlights the following on this issue: “People do not need money, but commodities and service. Money is like the blood in the body. It transfers commodities and service to related places by means of buying and selling, just as blood carries nutrients to cells. People can produce commodities and service, but not money. What would be the role of interest in this system?

3- Suggestion to Roman Catholic Church

In the scientific meeting held in Rome in 9. 3. 2009, Muslim party has suggested the following common goal and mission to Catholic Church; and the Catholic party has agreed on common achievement of the goal and mission.

Common Goal:  “Establishment of religion and science balance”. Thus, a new era of balance will begin.

Common Mission: “The books which God created and revealed will be studied in unity to reach the common goal.”

Because, the book that God has created, which is the world of beings, is the resource for all sciences. This cooperation will cause the unity of the books that God created and revealed to be seen. So, incontestable truths will be found out and people will race in good works. Thus, inter-religious and inter-communal relations will be improved, just as the science will do. This is our most important mission.

Sincere greetings…


Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz BAYINDIR

Istanbul University Faculty of Theology President of World Religious Cultures Section


Mustafa EVLI

Süleymaniye Foundation Management Board Member and External Relations Officer


Prof. Dr. Richard PUZA

Tübingen Eberhard-Karls-University Current Dean of Catholic Theology Faculty



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