Islam and the Quran


“Meet The Qur’an” is the rewording Süleymaniye Foundation Qur’an Translation for children. Keeping in mind that children do not have the tendency to think abstractly, we have chosen specific chapters of the Qur’an, put them into commonly used and simplified words and enhanced with colorful illustrations! Twelve books in Turkish and English.

This series is intended for children of primary and secondary education age.  A large team comprised of experts of Arabic, English and Turkish languages, as well as theologians, pedagogues and educators have put much effort into achieving this work.

We are honored to share these books with you and the children of the world, books which are prepared with the intention:
“May the children understand the Message of God better!”

You can download the PDF files on the following link:

Hard copies in their special cardboard case are sold online at and shipped globally. To create online accounts and buy, contact: [email protected].

These digital files are for personal use only. All rights to copy, distribute and publish are reserved to SULEYMANIYE VAKFI YAYINLARI.

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