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Can we buy sacrifical animal by loaning?

Question: We have just married and loaned a lot for buying furniture and household goods. Although me and my wife both work, money suffices hardly. We do not have money to slaughter any sacrificial animals. Can we buy one in installments or by loaning?

Sacrifice (qurban) means, “Slaughtering specific kinds of animals at specified times for the sake of pleasing Allah, as a worship”. This worship is wajib according to Hanafi madhab and sunnah according to others. Besides, it is enough that only one of the people living in the same house sacrifices; not each of them has to.

According to Hanafi madhab, a person should have a certain amount of wealth for qurban to be wajib on him/her. The measurement of this wealth is the same as the amount of nisab for zakat. Which means, one should sacrifice if he/she has 85 grams of gold or equivalent amount of money or goods apart from debts and basic needs. People not complying with these conditions do not have to sacrifice. Therefore, you do not need to have any difficulties to sacrifice.

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