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Following the Sects

Question: Surah Al-e Imran verse 100 says, we should not follow any groups. According to this verse, are there any restrictions to follow Madhhabs, tariqah or religious related groups ? Can we say that this verse prohibits all kind of slavish imitation?

According to the Quran, there can not be sects in Islam. Allah repeatedly disapproves of forming parties/sects/groups in religion. He commands:

“Hold fast together to the rope of Allah (Quran) and be not divided! (…)” (3:103)

“You have nothing to do with those who make divisions in their religion and become the partisans of their factions. Their judgment belongs to Allah. He will inform them about the true nature of their actions.” (6:159)

“Penitently turn to Him, and beware of Him (only). Offer the prayers and do not be of those who join others with Allah. Those who made divisions in their religion and became partisans of their factions. Each sect exults with what they have.” (30:31-32)

“He has legislated for you the religion which He commended unto Noah, and that which We reveal to you, and that which We commended unto Abraham and Moses and Jesus, saying: “Keep up the religion, and be not divided therein“. What you are calling to is very hard upon those who join others with Allah. Allah chooses the ones who put in effort to Himself and guides the ones who penitently turns to Him.” (42:13)

God decrees that He has given the name “Muslims” to all believers:

“(…) He named you Muslims before, and in this (Quran), that the messenger may be a model to you and you be models to others. (…)” (al-Hajj 22:78)

A Muslim should not adopt another name rather than “Muslim”. Muslims should name themselves the way God names them and keep the manner God ordains.

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