Islam and the Quran

Who will we trust, what will we read?

Question: You recently participated in a TV show and said that; some false Fiqh provisions are added intentionally in Fiqh books in the past as imputed to the scholars. I want to ask you how we, the people whose knowledge is not enough on religion, can protect ourselves from such situations. Who will we trust and which books will we read?

You should query  and ask the proofs of the religious ideas from Quran and sunnah. You are obliged to check, ‘who says how’ and not ‘who says what’.  Firstly, check the evidences of scholars, who say it is permissible and can be done. Later, check the evidences of ones, who say it is not permissible, can’t be done. You can act according to the one whose evidence is stronger.

If you don’t follow these two ways and choose the easier one for you, then you will be responsible for your act.

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