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Objection Of the Guardian To Marriage Without Reasonable Grounds

Question: I am a doctor. I pray five times daily. Following sunnah, i have beard. I fall in love with a doctor. She completed her mbbs. She is also religious. I proposed her and she accepted it after few request but we are of different casts (i think casts are not permitted in Islam). She requested me to send marrige proposal. Her father refused it for difference of cast and my beard. He did not follow Islam as she did. On pressure she also now refuses me. Her father is behaving like the Hindus obeying cast system. Does he remain Muslim after denying sunnah? What should i do? Please do not tell to follow the parents in this regard as her father is acting like Hindu, deviding ummah on the basis of cast which is forbidden in Islam, isn't it?

Her father loses his right to be her guardian by objecting her marriage with you, without reasonable grounds. Our Prophet (p.b.u.h.) decrees:

“The marriage of a woman who marries without the consent of her guardians is void, her marriage is void, her marriage is void. If there is cohabitation, she gets her dower for the intercourse her husband has had. If there is a dispute, the sultan (man in authority) is the guardian of one who has none. “

If the girl would like to marry you, it means she is in dispute with her father. Since she has the right for this, the Messenger of Allah decreed in this case that the right of guardianship passes from her father to the sultan (man in authority). If you go near a scholar in authority, he can marry you.

A man called Hizam married her widowed daughter Hansa. His daughter did not want this marriage. She came near the Messenger of Allah (p.b.u.h.) and explained the situation. He declared the marriage null and void. Then the woman married Abu Lubabe b. Abdi’l Munzer.

A maiden came near Aisha (r.a.) and said: “My father married me to the son of his brother to promote his position. But I do not like this.”
Aisha told her to sit until the Messenger of Allah comes. The girl explained the situation to the Messenger of Allah (p.b.u.h.) when He arrived.
He sent a man to girl’s daughter and called him. The Prophet (p.b.u.h.) gave the authority on this subject to the girl. The girl said:
“Oh, The Messenger of Allah! Actually I had permitted what my father had done but I wanted to learn whether women had a right on this subject.”
If any scholars object your marriage, send their opinions to us, so that we can respond to them.

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