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Which madhab should I follow to perform my worships?

Question: I am living in Kuwait and am a Pakistani origin. I am really confused on which imam to follow in order to correct my beliefs and prayers. I just want to pray without getting into any kind of controversies like people say: "by doing this there is no salat", but according to other imam its OK. I am looking for guidance.

Fatwa means, expressing the opinion on a religious and judiciary subject. Muftis are scholars who express their opinions. Whoever finds their opinion consistent and logical, behaves compliantly; and whoever does not, asks another mufti and behaves according to his fatwa. You cannot expect all muftis to reach a consensus on every subject, because fatwa is given on subjects for which there is no clear judgement in verses or hadiths. In this case, it is usually not natural for scholars to share a common opinion. There may exist scholars who give correct fatwas as well as the wrong ones. What a responsible person should do is investigation in this case. Their evidence should be asked to the muftis and one fatwa is preferred over the others regarding their evidence.

You are obliged to check, ‘who says how’ and not ‘who says what’.  Firstly, check the evidences of scholars, who say it is permitted and can be done. Later, check the evidences of ones, who say it is not permitted and can’t be done. You can act according to the one whose evidence is stronger. If you don’t follow these two ways and choose the easier one for you, then you will be responsible for your act.

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