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Qualities of Sacrifice

Question: What qualities should the cattle to be sacrificed posses, does it have to be the most expensive one we can afford?

The cattle to be slaughtered should fulfill the following conditions regardless of its price:

Sheep and goat should have completed the age of one or sheep should be imposing as if it is one year old although it has completed its seven or eight months. Camel should have completed five, cow should have completed two years.

Cattle, whose one or two eyes are blind, ears are cut off, one or both of its horns are broken completely, more than half of its tail or ear is torn, nipples are torn, who lost most of its teeth or do not have ears or tail by birth, cannot be sacrificed.

Cattle, that  is squint, lamed, mangy or crazy, missing or having horns by birth, having small part of its horn broken, ears pierced or split horizontally, tip of ears are cut off and flabby, few of the teeth are lost, genital organ is missing, can be sacrificed.

Well fed sacrifice is more gracious.  Cattle as thins as not having marrow inside the bones, not able to walk until the place to be slaughtered or obviously sick cannot be slaughtered as sacrifice, either.

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