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Question: In Pakistan, we have a tradition called Rukhsati. When a girl and a boy marries in the presence of their superiors, the girl is not sent to her husband's home till her husband has a good job or any other issue. After the issue has cleared out, husband takes her wife with him to his home. Before Rukshati, husband does not give any money for any expenses of his wife. His wife is totally under her parents' money. What can you say about this tradition?

It is absolutely not permissible to restrain a married woman from going to her husband’s home after the wedding.

When a man and a woman marry in the presence of a supervisor (Wali) and two witnesses, they become husband and wife. The woman becomes responsible to her husband and the husband becomes responsible to his wife. Only one thing can prevent husband from calling his wife to home, and that is Mahr. The woman has a right to ask for the Mahr right away. But she can also agree on a debt if she wants. When the issue of Mahr is settled with, man has all the rights of a husband.

Behaving otherwise means adding some conditions to the rules set by God, as if His rules are not satisfactory.

Please read the conditions of a valid marriage on the following link:

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