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The criteria of having delivered/received the Message of God

Question: Some people say that Jews and Christians will be able to go to heaven as long as they be devout and do good deeds even if they don’t believe in Prophet Muhammad! I have looked into your thoughts about this. You say that they should be “not informed of the Quran” in order to go to heaven. I wonder what you mean by that. Should the whole book be explained in detail, or just having recited a verse is enough to be “informed of the Quran”? I have a hard time believing that there are still people on earth that are unaware of Islam after 9/11. Some people converted to Islam after seeing the media introducing Islam as the terror itself, while some carried on ignoring. The ignorance is their problem but how can we assume that they “can” go to heaven because they are not introduced by Islam? What is the measure?

The criteria to be observed in delivering the Message of Allah is communicating the verses of the Quran to people in a language they understand. Those that did not read or listen to the Quran in a language that they know are NOT counted as “informed of the Quran”. It does not suffice to be informed of Islam through the media.

You can also see many imams, sheikhs, or hafiz who continuously read and memorize the original Arabic form of the Quran.  Some of those people recite the Quran every day but never understand a word of It, because they are not even advised to do so. All of these people are also considered “uninformed of the Quran”, that is “ummi”, because they do not know Its meaning. Such people have not received the Message of God, and therefore they are only responsible for:

1- Not attributing any equals to God, not joining others with the one and only God.

2- Doing what is naturally right and just (being honest, equitable, etc.),

3- Avoiding what is naturally wrong and unlawful (lying, stealing, adultery, etc.).


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