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Scientific Proof of Prayer Times in Polar Zones

We learn the following news from visual and written media recently: “Egyptian religion man Yusuf Al-Qaradawi and his team are going to live in Norway for a while to determine the prayer and fasting times at ’45 degrees and upper latitude locations’ where the sunrise and sunset are not regular as in Turkey. ”

Prof. Dr. Hamza Aktan from The Presidency of Religious Affairs Committee made an announcement related to the news:
“We have colleagues from Turkey who visited those locations personally and informed us. We cannot ignore the prayers claiming the times are not due. We should determine the prayer times by taqdeer at these locations… Either Qaradawi or anyone else, whoever that goes there, will face this reality. ”

The “colleagues from Turkey who visited those locations” meant by Mr. Hamza Aktan must have been the scientific committee of our organization lead by Prof. Dr. Abdülaziz Bayındır, who traveled to Tromso, Norway, 70 degree latitude between 12-17 January 2011, long before Qaradawi and his team. The consequences of the observations of our committee are as follows:

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