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ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY                                           UNIVERSITY OF TUBINGEN
FACULTY OF THEOLOGY                                         FACULTY OF CATHOLIC THEOLOGY

Tübingen Statement of Cooperation

At the end of the meetings held first in Istanbul and then in Tübingen, the parties reached a consensus to implement commutual works based on the creation order, that is, fitrah (pure and original disposition of created beings).
Utmost efforts will be applied in both faculties and Suleymaniye Foundation to establish units that will conduct research in the fields of religious law and fitrah, and to support doctoral and master studies.
Actions will be taken to set the dialogue on the basis of fitrah.
If this is accomplished,
-the integrity between the book created by God, that is fitrah, and the Books He sent down will be observed again after centuries.
-opportunities for cooperation will arise around the undisputed truths,
-false beliefs will be put aside,
-Book of God will become the basic reference book.
Part of the information extracted from the creation order constitutes the natural law. This law means all of the norms derived from the fitrah of humans created by God and understood by natural perception, and it is based on the envisagement that a divine nature can exist in humans. Natural law serves to form the basis of rational association between people of different beliefs and states. In addition, this law has a binding quality for administrators and legislators. This is especially necessary for the actualization of fundamental rights and human rights.
Every single person who reads (observes) the book of nature comprehends God and understands that he owes everything to Him. The prophets concentrated their works in this field and put efforts to use reason and knowledge of fitrah about religion. If they are taken as an example, religion and science will harmonise and the ground for humanity to unite around common values will be formed.
The source of science is the book created by God, that is, nature (fitrah). If the book sent by God is also utilized in this field, a development beyond dreams will occur in science. Therefore, opportunities to conduct research together in dialogue and to compete in good deeds will emerge.
The parties agreed on this great cooperation for the good of humanity and signed this text, praying for help and success from God.

Tübingen, 11th of May 2008

Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Bayindir                                                    Prof. Dr. Richard Puza

Suleymaniye Foundation                                                           Faculty of Catholic Theology
Chairman                                                                                      Attendant of Foreign Relations
Istanbul                                                                                         Tübingen


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